Transform Lives With Your Prayer From the very beginning MAF’s ministry has depended on committed supporters upholding our staff and everything we do in prayer. After 70 years we remain reliant on prayer. The risks of flying and struggles of living in some of the world’s most undeveloped, insecure and challenging environments highlight our need […]


Serving in Arnhem Land, NT with husband and pilot Scott From freezing, understandable, orderly Melbourne to boiling, chaotic, out of this world Arnhem Land our journey to date has spanned just 12 months but already it’s been a wild ride. Where else would my kids see flying to school as normal or bitumen roads as […]


Pilot serving in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia God has a purpose and a plan for my life and I believe my dream to become a pilot was from Him. However, coming from a small town in Nagaland, India, no-one in my family or community had any knowledge of aviation. Through God’s provision I was able […]


Volunteer with MAF Singapore, and also serves on the board I am busy as a senior airline pilot and my involvement in several Christian ministries, but I am able to play a part in MAF’s unique ministry through my work as a volunteer in MAF Singapore. I have been lucky enough to see first hand […]

Physical Transformation

The description ‘remote’ somehow seems like an understatement for the community at Maramuni. Perched on the top of a mountain in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, the small community, scattered around the grass airstrip, seems so far from the rest of the world. They are completely cut off up here. There is no electricity, […]


“We really need MAF. It’s very difficult to travel in this country except by air. If you have a disabled child or a severely injured person, driving them across country is dangerous and difficult. The plane makes it possible for them to get, in some cases, life-saving care and treatment. In other cases, therapy they […]

Papua new guinea

“The work of the Church of the Nazarene is growing and expanding rapidly throughout these very difficult to reach areas, thanks in large part to the help of MAF!” Harmon Schmelzenbach, Church of the Nazarene


“You in MAF are helping us build relationships with communities. That is part of preparing the ground for the Gospel. Thank you. The distances covered are enormous, so a huge heartfelt thanks on behalf of all 50 plus Wycliffe team members doing Bible translation work in Madagascar.” Dr Leoni Bouwer, Wycliffe Bible Translators


“Our partnership with MAF in Bangladesh makes our work more efficient, enables staff to reach difficult locations in a more positive frame of mind, and enables us to focus on our activities while leaving those with gifts in the air transportation area to focus on their speciality. My journeys with MAF in Bangladesh have played a great […]

South Sudan

“We rely upon this partnership in order to get our work done and to serve the people of South Sudan. Travelling with MAF is both quicker and safer – a much better option all round!” James Cousins, Tearfund

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