Serving in Arnhem Land, NT with husband and pilot Scott

From freezing, understandable, orderly Melbourne to boiling, chaotic, out of this world Arnhem Land our journey to date has spanned just 12 months but already it’s been a wild ride.

Where else would my kids see flying to school as normal or bitumen roads as exciting? Where else would I have learned how much food I can squeeze onto an Airvan headed for Ramingining? Where else would I have gotten to not only peek into, but live life next to people of an ancient culture so closed to the world that only a few hundred people get access every year? Nowhere else! For whilst there have been times that I have been stretched to my limits, it is on this AMAZING ADVENTURE that I have had the privilege of living life to its full, right in the centre of God’s love and will over my life. So buckle up and come join me – I have a cuppa waiting!

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