It is not always easy to leave your comfort zone and embark on an adventure in mission. But in following that call, our families are leaning on God, having unique and exciting experiences and are bringing help, hope and healing to the most remote. Here are their stories.


Serving in Arnhem Land, NT with husband and pilot Scott

From freezing, understandable, orderly Melbourne to boiling, chaotic, out of this world Arnhem Land our journey to date has spanned just 12 months but already it’s been a wild ride.

Where else would my kids see flying to school as normal or bitumen roads as exciting? Where else would I have learned how much food I can squeeze onto an Airvan headed for Ramingining? Where else would I have gotten to not only peek into, but live life next to people of an ancient culture so closed to the world that only a few hundred people get access every year? Nowhere else! For whilst there have been times that I have been stretched to my limits, it is on this AMAZING ADVENTURE that I have had the privilege of living life to its full, right in the centre of God’s love and will over my life. So buckle up and come join me – I have a cuppa waiting!


Pilot serving in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

God has a purpose and a plan for my life and I believe my dream to become a pilot was from Him. However, coming from a small town in Nagaland, India, no-one in my family or community had any knowledge of aviation. Through God’s provision I was able to gain my commercial licence and subsequently worked with an air ambulance service. I believe the opportunity to serve God through flying with MAF is the reason He has brought me this far and I have decided to leave my comfort zone in commercial flying to become part of the MAF family, flying in world’s remotest places to share God’s love.

Living away from my family in a whole new culture will be a big challenge for me but as Psalms 138:8 says “God is at work in my life, and He will perfect everything that concerns me”, so I am beginning this adventure with faith in Him.


Volunteer with MAF Singapore, and also serves on the board

I am busy as a senior airline pilot and my involvement in several Christian ministries, but I am able to play a part in MAF’s unique ministry through my work as a volunteer in MAF Singapore. I have been lucky enough to see first hand MAF’s operation and impact in Bangladesh and I am excited about helping people in my church, my circle of friends, my work colleagues and other Singaporeans to find out about MAF and to get involved. Many Christians here share God’s heart for unreached people in the far corners of the earth and it is a privilege to introduce them to MAF and the way God uses MAF to reach the unreached. By volunteering my time in local leadership, prayer, events organisation and speaking about MAF to church groups, I help MAF make a difference.


Prayer Supporter from Chennai, India

Almost two years ago I came to know about MAF and now my family regularly prays for its ministry and its staff. Since all of my working career has involved aviation, I can understand the challenges and risks involved in flying in the places MAF operates. MAF’s flight operations must be very challenging where there are few navigational facilities, no good runways and little or no infrastructure. I know for sure that MAF needs my prayer support! I am also aware of the fact that most of MAF’s staff families are living a long way from their loved ones. MAF’s dedicated staff have to voluntarily make sacrifices and very often work in inhospitable places. They really need to be upheld in prayer too. I get regular news and information from MAF about its worldwide ministry, so that I can see what is going on and what their needs are. “With praise and thanksgiving I bring my petitions to God. God is our refuge. With God all things are possible.”

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